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Avatar would look rubbish on an iPad

March 29, 2010

According to the story linked below, some +50% people would want to use a smartphone or a tablet device (read, “iPad”) for work related tasks.

Yeah, right… I guess this is what you get when people are filling out PCWorld surveys in the office. They talk about what devices they need to do work, instead of actually doing work.

Smartphones and iPads are mainly for fun or maybe for personal productivity.

What catches me is that ~30% of respondents want to watch TV or movies on their smart devices. Sure, that makes sense. But to ward off the pirates and to add value to the cinema-experience, Hollywood is beginning to crank out 3D monstrosities like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. And if the Economist is to be beleived, this trend will only continue. (sub required, sorry)

But these movies will look pretty bad on an smart device. You’ll lose 99.999% of the experience. You’ll get all the crappy dialog, and none of the mind-blowing effects.

So that opens up another question… just as Hollywood is producing movies for the big screen blockbuster cinema experience, will there be a new genre of content exclusively produced for, and aim at, smart devices?

What do Smartphone Users Want? – PCWorld.

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