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Cable TV… without cable?

April 8, 2010

Very swanky introduction to an Android-based TV called Scandinavia, manufactured, perhaps coincidentally, by a Swedish company.

So what does it come with… hmm… let’s see, 42″, Android operating system, Internet connection, USB… all cool.

What else? YouTube and a bunch of Google toys out of the box… nice. An App store, ok, I would expect no less, everyone has an app store.

Umm… what about a cable connection? Nope, I can’t find it. It is a 42″ flatscreen for web content alone.

Right now people cutting the cable are a pretty rarefied group who are willing to navigate the mumbo-jumbo world of Hulus, Vudus, Boxees and other fun words to say and spell.

But they remind me of the people who cut their phone cord ages ago and went strictly mobile. They were weirdos at first but now some phone companies are saying they’ve lost about a third of their fixed-line customer to mobile-onlys.

Now with more compelling and easy-to-use Internet only devices, more and cable TV watchers will be enjoying a diverse array of entertainment options without cable TV.

We’ve seen (streamed/downloaded) this movie before.

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  1. cable tvs these days are rapidly being converted into a digital service which offers more value added services ~`;

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