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I “like” the like

April 21, 2010

We once thought the web was wild and disorganized… well, that was then but Facebook is saying, this is now.

FB is out to organize the web according to what compulsive surfers like me find interesting. I actually find it compulsively addicting to comment or “like” different articles and now I can integrate all this behavior on my FB page. That’s pretty cool.

The other people who find this cool are advertisers because they get to build a more complete picture of who I am, what I like and, critically, what kind of online advertising I will respond to.

Of course, in providing this data to advertisers FB is trying out-Googling Google, who may be the only people who won’t think this new announcement is cool (well, Google and people who still hang on to the notion of privacy).

Funnily enough, the stated purpose of this new function, to keep track of what my friends “like” is probably the least compelling idea to me. I’ve already come across a couple of friend “likes” on and that was kinda amusing. But I’m sure I’ll find “likes” more compelling as I see them attached to product and entertainment reviews.

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