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Fake It Till You Make It

April 26, 2010

Some nice thoughts about being  comfortable with uncertainty, from the Aardvark gang who just sold to Google for $50M.

(Speaking of uncertainty, I think there is still some confusion about what it is Aardvark even does.)

Anyway, regardless of what they do, the team sure does come up with some great quotes:

“Assume you are wrong, and then at least you’ll be correct in that assumption, if nothing else.”

I don’t know much about the company or the team, but having read a story about them (which makes me sufficient enough an expert to blog about them), it appears that while the team bounced around to figure out what it is they wanted to do, they at least had the good sense to constantly check and re-check hypothesis with potential customers.

“Part of your job as an entrepreneur is to be barraged by opposing viewpoints,” said Horowitz. “If you’re not prepared to be grateful, than you shouldn’t do a startup.”

There are foolish risks, there are calculated risks and then there is being so data-driven you spend time gathering info and doing little else. It seems the team here knew what they didn’t know and then set out to find answers, without getting too bogged down in details.

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