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A modest proposal for CNN… tell the news

April 28, 2010

Ratings got released a couple of weeks ago and there were a flurry of stories on how the numbers for CNN tanked.  And sure as day follows night there were a series of OpEds offering helpful advice on how the network could be fixed.

Some, like “Saving CNN” published in the NYTimes suggested ways the network could both straddle and play into the cable network ideological divide (Fox right vs MSNBC left).

Just more of the left/right blather, but this time conveniently located all in one place! Fantastic.

Here’s a better idea for CNN. Don’t suck.

Grow up and tell us the important news! There is so much mindless filler on CNN, it is no wonder people are feeling alienated from it. I can barely watch it for more than a few minutes before I get the craving to be more intellectually challenged by a reality show or something.

(Full Disclosure: I’m mainly talking about Anderson Cooper and Larry King, I generally don’t get to watch TV at any other times. I pretty much ignore the website)

Hat tip: TechCrunch

How Much Does Suck? Shows You.

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