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I think, therefore iPad

May 3, 2010

The first thing I love about my iPad is what isn’t there…. Namely the huge mult-page, multi-lingual manual written in incomprehensible techese explaining all the useful and “easy to understand” features that come standard on your new gizmo.

It was fear of this manual that often kept new tech purchases unwrapped for days on my desk. (They just sat there…looking at me…taunting me…)

But with the iPad, I opened it and there it was in all of it’s shiny beauty with one page of instructions. Let me repeat that… One page. And I don’t think I even read it.

Ok, so it’s beautiful and simple, but what am I going to use it for? Well, pretty much exactly what I said.

I spend a ton of my goof-off time on social networks, working on my own blogs, or buried in RSS feeds, and this is the perfect tool to engage in such activities. Easy, lightweight and a great way to look something up or quickly jot down a couple of thoughts.

I remember my first 286 desktop complete with neon green screen and WordPerfect. At the time, it was little more that a glorified typewriter. Now, I’m back to regarding my PC in a similar way. It can handle workhorse functions like Word, Powerpoint and Excel, but it now has less and less of a role in my existence and my activities online.

My PC helps me be productive, but I can’t see it helping me much consume media or express who I am.

That role has been usurped by the slick touchscreen in front of me.

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