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Provinces making positive overtures to Asia

May 3, 2010

Nice to see the Western provinces take matters into the own hands and begin to reach out to Asia.

For a while I’ve been miffed as to why Canada doesn’t put more effort into improving ties with Asia in general. There is such a strong Asian population in Canada, you would think there would be natural affinities to doing more business with that part of the world.

Maybe there are, but it seems no one has told the various federal and provincial governments. Until now that is, and that is great to see.

The US is and will remain Canada’s most important market. And that’s fine. Despite the challenges the US economy is going through right now, there are a lot of very good reasons to remain highly engaged with that market.

But that shouldn’t be at the expense of engaging other markets, if for no other reason that to diversify Canada’s export risk.

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