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MoJos make news a commodity

May 12, 2010

If we needed further proof that headline news is becoming a commodity, just check out the mobile journalists… or “mojos” for short.

Armed with an iPhone and some fancy apps, they can basically do the work of a news team (shoot, write, edit) on the fly.

Again, does this mean the death of journalism? No, absolutely not. It means that like so many other organisms, journalism is evolving.

The immediate, headline news, in-your-face journalism is being taken over by small teams with nifty gadgets either feeding info into their own site or perhaps operating as an extension of an existing news site. Any attempt to compete with this trend will be, as the Borg so eloquently put it, “futile”.

Where traditional journalism can grow is in longer more analytical pieces, and finding new ways to package hyper-current “mojo” news with other writings that provide the insights and context.

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