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Canadians spending 48 Hrs in the Valley….

May 18, 2010

OK …. let’s do the numbers:

24: number of hours until 48 Hrs in the Valley starts

48: The number of hours a bunch of Canadian start-ups will spend in the Valley (duh)

20: The number of Canadian companies that will be traveling here to take part in mentoring, networking and just soaking up the Valley culture

100: That is for C100. That’s us and we’re running the show

If you want a list of the companies that will be attending, just click here for names, home cities and some background info.

What I really like about what C100 does is that it (in part) focuses on mentoring in its purest form. The companies that will be participating in “48Hrs” have had homework to do.  They don’t just tell us about how great their business is, but they have to figure out what the problems are and be prepared to discuss them.

That is what I mean about real mentoring.

C100 isn’t about pitch reviews, at least as I see it, and we don’t prep you for your next VC meeting. There are plenty of other people and organizations that do that. But we’re unique in that we have access to an enormous wealth of Canadian talent in the Bay Area, some really high-powered individuals who know what it takes to succeed in a market as competitive as Silicon Valley.

And they are willing to share their thoughts. So the conversations companies have at C100 events are about sales channels, HR issues, marketing, the competition… any of the myriad of trials and tributlations a start-up must face on a day-to-day basis.

It is pretty cool stuff and is a great way to be based in the Bay Area, but still give back to Canada.

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