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Setting up my roku on my iPad

May 22, 2010

Ok…my PC is dead to me. As I think you may know, I recently got an iPad for my birthday. Well, I also got a Roku as well (it was a pretty good birthday) and so right now I’m in my favorite position (plopped on my couch) setting up my Roku and linking it to my various account, namely NetFlix, from my iPad.

Gone are the days of my PC being my intermediary device. Gone is the cable company telling me what to watch and when to watch it.

And even more cool, gone are studios deciding what content can be produced and what can’t.

Ok…all this isn’t entirely true, but I do feel like I’m taking a big step into brave new world (or it could be heartburn…BBQ chicken pizza… Urp!)

So I still need my cableco for connectivity and I need the studios because a lot of the content on Roku is pretty amateurish (but amusing!) It isn’t hard to see, however, that the content will quickly evolve.

Right now,  no one really has the formula for how to build great webTV content, but that is to expected, the platform is still very young and the content makers are mostly geeks talking about Apple products and making juvenile jokes. But with Google entering the market as they announced this week, it is not hard to see Internet TV going mainstream.

Going mainstream means more and more content producers- mainstream and independent- will be attracted to the platform, which in turn will attract audience which in turn will attract advertisers. Anyway, who knows if that is the right chain of events but bottom line all three of those constituents – producers, audience, and advertisers- will eventually start popping up on Internet TV. So what? Well that means new types of content and new media business models.

Anyway, as you can tell, I’m psyched about it. I love the possibility of the types of content this new platform enables. And what is great is that it is so easy to set up. I was setting up my Roku accounts and watching my new channels as I was blogging about it  on my new iPad.

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