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Video art to the masses- Sneak preview: Shiny Art

June 22, 2010

Just wanted to give you, my faithful readers, a sneak preview to an exciting new service that will soon be hitting the radar… Shiny Art

Basically, the service is a Netflix for video art and seeks to transform flat screen TVs to exciting works of art. Shiny Art is perfect for anyone who wants to create a really unique feeling in a commercial, public or private space.

Are you a restaurant or hotel wanting to create a cutting edge aesthetic for your clientèle? Shiny Art has got you covered.

Maybe you’re a lobby or waiting room for a high-end (lawyer, doctor, architect, VC) firm? You need Shiny Art to express your corporate style.

Maybe you’ve got a fantastic new TV in your home that has a prominent place in the living room, but really doesn’t add much to the decor when it is off and just sitting there.  Shiny Art will transform that screen into your own personal moving image art gallery.

The service is still in stealth mode but I’ve been given permission to give you an early heads-up (the CEO is my wife!)

What Shiny Art really needs now is artists. My wife is an art historian and is very artist-friendly. She’s offering a great channel for video artists to make money (royalty strucutre) and  get their work out into the public realm.

So check out the site, she’s love to hear your views.

Also read the blog and follow the twitter stream.

More news soon!

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