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Is Apple learning history from Android?

June 24, 2010

So a lot of digital ink is being spilt on the Android/iPhone war.

“Android has more phones in the market,” one camp proudly declares.

“Oh whatever,” is the retort. “That just because you can’t go to a Safeways without walking out with a buy-one-get-five-free deal on some flavor of miscellaneously produced Android.”

“Steve Jobs sucks.”

So obviously, there’s a pretty sophisticated debate going on here. I won’t trouble anyone by adding my thoughts, but I will pose a question.

It seems developers are increasingly favoring Android as a dev platform because it is more open and easier to deal with (both from a technology and rules ‘n’ regulations perspective.)

So although Apple may provide a better overall experience, developers may begin to choose the path of least resistance and increasingly migrate to Android.

So my question is thus: we can’t really be witnessing history repeating, can we? Wasn’t it a paranoid tight reign over hardware and software that cause Apple (then Apple Computers) to lose the personal computing war to the vastly inferior PC?

And this time the device divide isn’t nearly as vast. Those seems too simplistic an analysis…I gotta be missing something.

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