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The Boy with the Dragon Roku

July 10, 2010

One day your world will completely change, or at least a part of your world that is integral to your being.

That happened to me today and what changed was how I watch TV. (trust me, a change to TV is pretty much an existential event for me)

Permit me to recount….

Earlier this evening my wife and I were trying to figure out what to watch after we put the little munchkin to bed. We had a couple of DVDs lying around namely “Precious”, (I still haven’t seen it) but she wasn’t into it. So what to do?

Upon further discussion, we realized we haven’t as yet partaken of the global phenomena that is “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. About 27 seconds later, we were settled comfortably into our well worn couches about to experience 2 hours of Swedish murder and mayhem.

To watch this movie, let me tell you what was involved… An iPad, Netflix, and a Roku. What wasn’t involved was a PC or traditional PPV. I know what you’re thinking…Wow!

As soon as we decided to watch “Dragon”, I went to my iPad, fired up the Netflix app, added the movie to my queue and it was immediately populated in my instant watch on Roku. (I could have found the movie directly on the Roku box, but I like playing with the Netflix iPad apps.) And the killer was we got all this at no incremental cost (beyond the capex for the iPad and Roku and the 19 bucks or so we pay for Netflix, which I’ll grant is a little high).

My wife didn’t think accessing a movie this way was a big deal but I began to appreciate even more the sea-change that is going on here. My entire experience with “Dragon” was digital and over-the-top (video, I mean). This evening, both the DVD player and the set-top-box stayed silent.

Spending a Friday night without my DVD player or my set-top-box was like going to a hot party without my two best friends.

The strange thing is, I had fun anyway…..

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  1. lolani permalink

    let me tell you, Cisco is missing a great opportunity here. With Scientific and DVN under the hood I was expecting the company to push to revolutionize TV (with or without Comcast on the side)
    Have you watched Jobs talking about TV at D8?

    How great would be to create a setopbox partnering with Apple: they to the UI, we do the network integration allowing providers efficient content delivery.

    But no, and four months later:

    Jobs has even forecasted Blu-ray extinction

    BTW who’s working on content distribution in Ned’s organization?


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