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TV that dare speak its name…

July 25, 2010

So long my friend. Together we’ve been through some amazing times.

Together we charged the beaches of Normandy and through blaster fire we stayed on target.

We whiled away countless hours sipping coffee at Central Perk and through fits of laughter, sat on Jerry’s couch and talked about nothing.

We sat next to the net and burst out ecstatically when Canada scored the winning goal to take gold in men’s hockey. And we will never forget when we sat in the front row of the Academy Awards and yelled “jai ho” when Slumdog Millionaire won the top prize of the evening.

Now all these moments are lost in time, like tears in the rain.

Goodbye cable box.

Yes, today I took you back to the cable store and handed you to the helpful customer service rep.

Cable box, we’ve been friends for a long time, but now my heart belongs to TV accessed directly from the Internet.

This new friend is finicky and temperamental. It is a friend who is unsure of its place in the world and often exactly how to operate. Sure, this friend does not come with all the choices that you, my fair cable box had, but it is full of potential to explore TV in a new way.

I have denied this new friend for too long but now, I must dare speak its name.

  1. some guy permalink

    That’s an awfully strong proclamation of love for TV. Has Kristi been making you sleep on the couch lately?

  2. yeah, i admit… this post is a little over-the-top…. that said my internet TV experiment is working out great so far.

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