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Boxee: Running into gorillas

July 28, 2010

Boxee is finally showing off its new box. It looks cool, has a nice design, the team seems like a bunch of nice guys and they certainly are excited by their product.

So I wish them every success, but I gotta admit, I’m worried. They’re only announcing the Boxee box now but don’t expect to be shipping it for another couple of months. Feels like they are pretty late to me.

Roku is already out there with the web-streaming box and while the product has a couple of flaws (UI could be better) at least it is out there already getting customers and making money.

And then there is the 800-pound gorilla about to walk in the room called Google TV… oh wait…. I mean… Apple TV.

OK, so there are two 800-pound gorillas about to walk into the room. I mean, King Kong made short work of Godzilla (Godzilla was totally robbed) so I don’t know how Boxee’s going to survive against two steroid-fed primates and a smaller chimp who’s already got the jump on them.

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