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Online quest for news

July 28, 2010

Latest word is that fewer people are finding their news from newspapers and more are going online to get the latest scoop. Not sure this is a huge revelation and what would be far more interesting is to understand where online are people getting news.

If they are going to, does it really matter if they are getting their news from a newspaper or online from a reputation perspective (It does matter from a revenue perspective as  ad sales for online tend to be lower than for paper. )

But if someone accesses news from the New York Times newspaper or, either way, the New York Times is still the chosen provider of news. So yes, people are moving online, but I would posit people are still (by and large) sticking with well known, traditional media outlets.

The story goes on to state that people find online news less reliable. Again, a definition would be helpful. On average, I would say online news is less reliable because there is so much schlock out there (including this blog) that unless you are going to a known and reputable source, you are probably getting lower quality “news.”

(Note: reputable source does not necessarily equal a traditional news outlet. There are some blogs and online sites that are very high quality, but en masse online sites are biased more to opinion and rants and therefore have lower “news” value. )

  1. lolani permalink

    given your interest for the news business…..check the news on Google’s Newspass

  2. If the paper is trading offline dollars for digital dimes, how long will it be able to support the robust investigative news gathering organization that created the trusted source brand position?

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