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Wuhan, the new Detroit?

September 13, 2010

Wuhan, China is lining up an impressive array of deals and partnerships in the electric car market:

Wuhan has been among the local governments in China most actively promoting electric vehicles. Earlier this year Wuhan signed a separate agreement with Japan’s Nissan Motor Co. to jointly study how to promote use of electric cars in Wuhan. As part of that deal, Nissan agreed to provide the city with 25 Nissan Leaf all-electric cars starting next year, and the city government pledged to build a number of battery charging stations in Wuhan. The two parties are aiming, through this effort, to study how everyday people would use an electric car and figure out what kind of charge-station and other infrastructure is necessary

This is on top of efforts to build in Wuhan domestic EV companies:

Officials and executives in the central Chinese city of Wuhan said they intend to build a major electric-vehicle production base, with planned investment of three billion yuan, or about $443 million…The production base aims to produce 3,000 battery-powered vehicles annually, as well as 3,000 packages of core auto parts, with eventual annual sales of $1.5 billion…

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