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Boxee unboxes TV

September 14, 2010

I was previously down on Boxee for being late to the media-streaming game. However, having just checked out their demo on line (hat-tipVentureBeat) I’m eating my words.

Yes, I still think they are late to the game with Roku already out there getting customers and  selling boxes and with Google and Apple having made announcements that may overshadow Boxee’s launch. That said, it looks like they have a very nice product with a classy UI and some great content partners.

Apple invented the whole “app” model but it feel to me like they missed the boat by not launching an app store with AppleTV. It looks like Boxee got the memo and are here to fill in that gap. The whole “app” infrastructure they’ve built looks clean, intuitive and a great way to access a series of Boxee-specific content.

If you want to wonder further afield, the QWERTY keyboard/remote is also a bonus in order to access content online (assuming you don’t lose the remote, that is).

Boxee’s got a lot of headwind, but if the produce works as promised it looks like a pretty compelling proposition.

  1. loris permalink

    so, do you bet on Boxee/Dlink or GoogTV/Logitech?… I’m all-in on the second

  2. I think now I would lean GOOG, but we haven’t seen what they have to offer. Realistically, I would say the media-streaming-to-TV market is still wide open and who knows where it will go (if anywhere… maybe the cablecos will be successful in preempting the entire market)

    ….and then there is always Apple….

  3. loris permalink

    goog is doing what csco should have done with SA for the cablecos….there’s still some time

    Apple vs Google review in case you are interested

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