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Canada needs to develop a foreign policy “brand”

September 28, 2010

Great quote:

Canada’s reputation, also, in some parts of the world is somewhat tarnished. Some fear we are becoming irrelevant.

I think part of that is because Canada hasn’t developed a distinct brand, in the way that let’s say the Norwegians have. The Norwegians have invested enormous amount of human resources into conflict resolution and ceasefires and peace agreements. The civil service has some extremely good people who do this work, and then there’s a whole cluster of think tanks in Oslo that provide the support for this work. Unless a country makes it a question of strategic priority it’s very hard to have an impact on the ground. Canada has to pick a few spots where it’s the go-to country.

Excellent point… couldn’t agree more.

Trudeau’s legacy pays the way for peace – The Globe and Mail.

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