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Rooting for Roku pt II

September 28, 2010

OK, so the other day I made the comment that in order to compete with all the other media streaming boxes out there, Roku should look at really doubling down on more content.

Shortly thereafter, Netflix (another one of my absolute favorite companies) announces a partnership with NBC, thereby giving Roku a helping hand (and yes, other Netflix boxes as well.)

And now this, Roku skillfully lines up Hulu Plus as a content partner. Actually, from my perspective, this is a bigger win for Hulu. As of now, I had held off of getting a Hulu Plus subscription but now, seeing that it will be on my Roku, I may just sign up!

Now with Roku you get Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Amazon and a bunch of other content providers, plus 1080p output, plus USB playback all at a sub $100 price.

Sure, none of these content partnerships will be exclusive, but Roku provides them all in such a neat, easy-to-use box that is available now.

So remind me, why would you be interested in any other offering out there?

(If they come up with a new UI, I’ll be in TV heaven)

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