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5 Thoughts on 5 Things I learned in 48 Hours

November 8, 2010

Worth re-posting.

5 Things I learned in 48 Hours –

Some of my thoughts on some of his thoughts:

#1 The Valley Feel- yes, it is true it does exist and it is unique to Silicon Valley.  That is not to say other areas don’t have a great innovation vibe, far from it! Some other areas have great innovation. But regardless where you are, it is good to stay on top of what is happening in the Valley.

#2 The Valley Model- This I could take or leave. Yes, the Valley does have a unique VC-backed approach to innovation. But it isn’t the only way to fund and promote start-ups.

#3- Think Small in Scope, and Large in Market- I love this idea. So true. Focus on what you want to do, do it super-amazing well, and then do what you do to conquer a huge (and growing) market.

#4- You Can’t Phone It In- You really can’t. It takes work and preparation.

#5- Be Yourself- Leave the impersonations to the comedians.

#6- Start Local- I think this is the most interesting and ties in with points #1 and #2. Yes, be aware of what is happening in the Valley. Hell, be inspired by it, but don’t try to copy it (so I guess this ties in to point #5 also.) Find what is unique about your area and then build on that existing strength found, fund and grow your start-up.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting your thoughts on my post Ron. The trip really did have a massive impact on me, and I learned a ton in a very very short period of time.

    Your comment on point #2 – I don’t think I view the Valley VC model as the only way to fund innovation – but it sure seems to be the most talked about. It’s interesting for me now to project what I learned against what I read in typical articles.


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