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My cord-cut TV set up

December 8, 2010

Following my last post, I’ve been getting questions on how I watch TV. Here is the low-down:

Our main source is Netflix accessed via a Roku box.  Yes, we don’t get the latest content and yes, the selection is somewhat restricted, but there is enough there that keeps our interest. Also, for my Canadian friends, I think the selection down here in the US is better than what is up there, but I could be wrong.

I’m also a huge fan of webTV, which I access on Roku or online from my computer (my wife thinks I’m nuts, for a bunch of reasons of course, but my webTV hobby is one of them.)

The big gap here is sports. I get around this because I’m simply not a sports fan, so even if I had cable I wouldn’t watch it. (Full disclosure: I saw, and loved, the Vancouver Olympics on cable before I cut it)

I did get an account (and jump on the bandwagon) to watch the SF Giants in the World Series. I loved the experimentation of it all and found the experience to be good.

The sport I do enjoy (and miss dearly) is Formula 1 racing. Right now, I have no good solution for that. I read some of the updates online but that is a very sad alternative to watching a thrilling race live.

Also, HBO… I’d love to have access to that online somehow.

As far as news and current events, I get that online, in magazines (I love magazines) and increasingly via electronic magazine purchases on my iPad.

My next moves? Well, I’ll be getting an HD antenna soon to watch over-the-air TV. This will let us watch some interesting shows and hopefully some big events, like the Oscars. I was considering Hulu Plus on Roku but it sounds like that offering isn’t as complete as it could be, so I may wait it out.

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