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How not to roll out apps on TV

September 9, 2011

Each device/TV manufacturer having their own standard is a non-starter. HTML5 is the way to go and it won’t take as long as this article suggests.

Apple rivals fight the giant with connected TV –

Pretty soon you’ll be able to have a browser on your mobile device, a browser on your TV and you’ll be able to program content via an HTML5 or similar app that is running on both the mobile and the TV.

One of my favorite companies, ShinyArt, is doing something similar now with Apple’s AirPlay. The content plays on your iPad but you view it on your TV. It works great for AirPlay but HTML5 will extend that sort of functionality to any device.

ShinyArt iPad app


Update: Oh yeah, the reason I’m a fan of ShinyArt is because I’m an advisor to the company and my wife is the CEO… other than that, I’m totally not biased 😉

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