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Carbyn Has Built A HTML5 OS

September 16, 2011

Looks very interesting. They have the whole OS/and app store running right in the browser, which is exactly the right approach. Will have to take a look but conceptually they are right where the market is going. Nice to see fellow Canadians really taking the lead in the HTML5 revolution.

The great thing about Carbyn is that there’s nothing to install. Because it’s HTML5, it works in the browser. Well, any “modern” browser, as Google often likes to say — that means essentially anything but the older versions of IE. You simply open a browser and log-in to Carbyn and you’re ready to go. The team showed it to me running on both an iPad and a BlackBerry PlayBook. Soon it will work on smartphones as well, they say.

How do they know it runs on Playbook? Did they raid the RIM warehouse? I’ve never seen a Playbook in real life. Saying that you know  it runs on Playbook is a little like saying you know how to lasso a unicorn.

Forget Apps, Carbyn Has Built A HTML5 OS | TechCrunch.

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  1. Just because you’ve never seen a black swan doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Playbook’s April 2011 launch —

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