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Building a web app ecosystem

September 17, 2011

I love all the new tools that are helping make HTML5 apps easier to bring to market.

When you think of what you need to begin to create a dynamic web app ecosystem you need (in no particular order)

1) Dev tools- Pressly, GameSalad and others are leading the charge here

2) Publishers- Well, we’re seeing these pop up in droves whether it is FT or Hearst publications. I fired up Twitter on my new Android tablet and it isn’t the native client, it is the HTML5 version

3) A store- You need a great place to sell/shop for all these great apps. There isn’t really a compelling web app store out there now but stay tuned… I hear everyone’s favorite open source browser has some thoughts here.


Pressly Turns Websites Into Tablet-Friendly HTML5 Web Apps – TechCrunch

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