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Big tease: HBO Arrives on Roku

October 11, 2011

I got ridiculously excited about this until I read this:

The HBO Go service will provide instant access to 1,400 titles and it will be free to Roku customers who already get HBO through their TV service. HBO rep Quentin Schaffer says you won’t be able to get HBO Go “over the top” without otherwise subscribing. “What we’re doing is taking our HBO Go service and making it ubiquitous,” he says.

Unfortunately, I can’t access HBO Go as I don’t have cable TV access. I’d be willing to pay just for HBO GO. It would totally be worth it (depending on the price, of course.)

I understand there are complex economics at play here but making HBO Go accessible only if you already have a cable plan seems to defeat the purpose of building and deploying apps around specific content.

If you want me to pay you directly for the content, that’s fine, I’m happy to do so. I just wish I didn’t need to buy a service I don’t want to get HBO Go (which I do want!)

HBO Arrives on Roku Boxes This Month.

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