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When will Apps be a TV Channel…

October 29, 2011

…pretty soon, at least according to this blog post: Daring Fireball: Apps Are the New Channels.

And I agree. When you think about it, Roku is already doing something sorta similar, in that many of their channels basically function like rudimentary apps.

The challenge is of course the business model isn’t there, or at least it hasn’t been proven. Right now cable channels get money from cable companies and they won’t be inclined to do much to threaten that revenue stream until they can comfortably replace it with a greater (or at least comparable) online revenue stream.

The online/app world has pretty much destroyed every media business model out there. The marriage of convenience is a strong one between cable channel and cable company. When you think about it, each in one way or another justifies the others’ existence.

However, someone will eventually come in and be the home wrecker and break up this marriage.

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