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For tablets, ecosystem is more important than price

November 14, 2011

Technolog – Kindle Fire success is Google Android failure.

Of course, price is what everyone cares most about. It is always cited as the main way Android devices can compete against the industry-leading Apple ones. As such, the Kindle Fire’s $199 price is still the Number One reason developers say it matters. But the Fire’s secondary allures — Amazon’s huge content library and its growing app store — are what will keep it out in front.

It is hard to say price doesn’t matter, but I would argue the findings here are reversed and that most people/devs care about the ecosystem first and then the price.

The ecosystem adds value, which justifies the price. Apple has the ecosystem and has been able to charge a premium.

Amazon now tries to be combining ecosystem with attractive price. If it can combine both, it will be a serious contender.

Interesting that David Pogue didn’t think much of the Kindle Fire.


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  1. totally agree of course ecosystem is more important than anything else

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