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It is a new video era: Revision3 moves to HTML5 video

November 19, 2011

Revision3 is where you gotta go for the latest in tech, pop-culture and other geek news. I really love their stuff and think their model is where television and video consumption is going.

So with that sort of pedigree it isn’t surprising their leading the pack in HTML5 video adoption as well.

Very cool

The new player went live on Thursday, as the default option for Revision3 viewers. In addition to being available on more devices, Rev3 CTO Rob DeMillo told us in a phone interview that the new player has some other immediate benefits: The new player loads more quickly than its Flash player, and scrubbing through a video is much more responsive. It also supports all the same advertising and analytics that Revision3 had from the Flash player.

Revision3 bets on HTML5, drops Flash player development — Online Video News.

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