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Netflix could fix one mistake, kids content.

December 1, 2011

But since July, Netflix has been disrupting mostly its own business with a series of odd strategic moves, prompting the future of the once-envied company to become Topic A among entertainment and technology insiders: a 60 percent price increase for consumers, followed by the spinoff of its DVD-rental business into a separate brand confusingly called Qwikster, then the abrupt demise of Qwikster and finally the late-November announcement by CEO Reed Hastings that Netflix will raise $400 million in a stock-and-debt offering, even though the company insists it doesn’t need the money.

I’m still a fan although I have been migrating more and more to one off purchases on iTunes, mainly for children’s content.

The kid selection in Netflix is pretty bad. I am, however, looking forward to seeing how their original content strategy plays out. I’ll concede it is a huge, and perhaps unnecessary, risk. But it is a bold and interesting move to watch.

How Netflix Came Undone – The Hollywood Reporter.

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