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Millions of people accessing your app isn’t cool….

December 15, 2011

George Colony, the chairman and CEO of Forrester Research, re-ignited a minor firestorm recently, with a presentation at the LeWeb conference in which he argued that the web is dead, and being replaced by the app economy…

While fun to ponder and debate, the reality is that soon we’ll all realize the app economy is the web.

Apps are awesome… great design, fun to play with, engaging, convenient, and generally a great experience. And you know what? They don’t need to be tied to a device; they can absolutely run on the web as well.

Oh yeah, the web… that thing that is everywhere. That is standards based so anyone can write to it. That thing that lets content link to each other, lets people freely roam and discover what they want, that thing that will never be just tied to a device.. ever.

Yeah, that thing that changed the world once and is going to do it again. It is as much a part of the web economy as Angry Birds. And to prove it, there is even a web app version of Angry Birds out there.

So combine the funness (yes, that’s a word.. ok not really) of apps and the massive distribution and reach of the web and you really begin to appreciate where the app economy is going.

To paraphrase a popular movie line: you know what’s cooler than millions of people accessing your app on a device? Billions of people accessing your app on the web

Apps vs. the web: Are they enemies or allies? — Tech News and Analysis.

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