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2012: The year of the web app

December 27, 2011

Does it count as a prediction if it is blazingly obvious???

More and more developers are becoming fluent in HTML5 (which is really very powerful; in particular, it’s easy to write apps which are fully functional even while offline) for web app development, and more and more “apps” are really becoming “mobile portals to web services”. It would be much easier for such services to have a single HTML5 interface, tweaked slightly depending on whether the client is a phone, tablet, or desktop, than to have to support an Android app written in Java, an iOS app written in Objective-C, and an HTML5 desktop web client.

Microsoft doing something useful for the industry (even if accidentally)… who could have predicted that???

If Windows Phone starts to take any significant bite out of the marketplace, and a third app platform arises, it will happen even faster; developers will throw up their hands and head to HTML5 en masse.


The Decline And Fall Of The Appian Empires | TechCrunch.


PS: Totally kidding Microsoft… I actually think you did a great job with Windows Mobile 7 and I’m fascinated with what you’re doing with xBox.

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