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Busy with Mozilla’s App Initiative: the strategy and the potential

January 2, 2012

Mozilla Foundation Head Mark Surman does a great job of describing the Mozilla App Initiative and how it fits into the overall Mozilla strategy.

Mozilla’s apps initiative is a good example: we’re building technology designed to open up the app marketplace, making it easier for anyone create, share, use, modify and sell apps using standard web technology. If we succeed, we have a chance to move beyond a world controlled by a few app vendors to one that’s much more like an open bazaar. And, we also get a world of apps based on the same standards and ‘view source ethos’ that the web was built on in the first place. This will be a radical shift.

My job is to work with developers of all sorts and get them to list on the Marketplace. It is a lot of fun but way hectic.

A lot of developers from the very biggest to the one-off guys and gals in their basements are coming to realize the benefits of building web apps.

Standards based, write once-run anywhere, leverage existing web initiatives… and oh yeah, Mozilla will distribute them to hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

What’s not to love?

PS: If you’re a developer and you want more info, contact me.

Happy New Year Mozilla. I’m excited! « commonspace.

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