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HTML5 is the platform for web video

January 24, 2012

thePlatform clearly sees HTML5 as the platform for web video:

“The big thing that has changed… is that just about every media company has an HTML5 player out or on their roadmap,” thePlatform CEO Ian Blaine told me in a phone interview. “I can’t think of a single company that hasn’t adopted HTML5 as part of its mix.”


thePlatform introduces one HTML5 player to rule them all — Online Video News.

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  1. HTML5 video is a evolving new tech. I believe it is going to replace Flash and become the standard of web video in the future.

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    It converts almost all popular videos to html5 video format and wrap your videos with stylish players. What’s more, it generates the html5 code so you can copy and paste into your own web page.

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