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Difference between native vs web app UX… nada

January 30, 2012

Straight from the FT, which is a key thought-leader in developing web apps for mobile.

Without a doubt, every time I speak to someone about web apps they all ask, every time, what is the FT doing?

Great to hear this experiment in HTML5 is working out well


IJ: How is user experience different?

DS: The Web app and native experiences are very similar. We had set out to mimic the native app and make the transition to the Web app seamless. Although it was tricky to achieve precisely the same quality (e.g., access to apis), we quickly got very close (say, 80-90% the same user experience). We have since stopped development of the native app and are aggressively developing the HTML5 version.

IJ: What characteristics of the Web app approach stand out for you?

DS: You don’t have to download anything; you just visit the Web. Faster start-up provides an improved user experience. You can download the app icon to the homescreen too which can then enable offline caching.

via Interview: Financial Times Experience with Web Apps – W3C Blog.

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