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AirPlay: A fundamental disrupting technology

February 16, 2012

The easy ability to manage content on a phone or tablet and then send that content to a larger screen is a fundamentally disruptive technology that will trouble old business models and, more excitingly, enable new ones.

Up until now, moving content around was a big pain. It required cables, laptops, fining the right blank channel on a TV…. and even after you figured all that out it still seldom worked.

A company that I love and work with, ShinyArt, is trying to find new ways to display video art and believe me, letting people sift through video art, find what they like, and then displaying it is no small task.

AirPlay on the iPad was cool… AirPlay everywhere? Amazing


Apple Is Going To Anger A Lot Of Big Media Companies With AirPlay On The Mac.

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