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Canada’s NFB: The World’s Hippest Digital Content Hub

February 16, 2012

Growing up the NFB was a key part of our regular school curriculum.. we’d always be watching NFB films on reel-to-reel (yes, I’m that old) on Fridays to learn more about Canada and the world around us. (There isn’t a kid from my era who has forgotten the legendary Paddle Me to the Sea)

So it is great to see the NFB back in prime form and once again.

The NFB can’t afford mass advertising for its projects so must rely on the quality of the work to be its own ad. “We’re building our audience through a whole set of other techniques and slowly growing until it reaches a tipping point and it will take off,” says Perlmutter. “We can see it in the responses we get to a project like Bear 71 in the blogosphere and in the technology press–the kinds of people in the know–and they’re saying this is where the future is happening. And sooner or later that future becomes more broadly dispersed.”

How Canada’s NFB Became The World’s Hippest Digital Content Hub | Co.Create: Creativity \ Culture \ Commerce.

Also nice hat tip… NFB was a partner with Mozilla on the brilliant One Millionth Tower.

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