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Journalists going social to create own media brand

February 16, 2012

Companies- and more specifically, brands- increasingly use social networks to connect with customers and partners. This is certainly true of media companies as well. Media outlets have blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and the like all in the name of creating greater stickiness and engagement with their audience.

But what happens when journalists use the same tactics themselves?

From sharing what they’re reading on news apps or the music they are listening to on Spotify, journalists have added apps to their Timeline to engage with their subscribers in a unique way.

Journalists essentially become their own media brand, separate from the media outlets they work for. People follow not just for what media journalists create, but now for what media they consume as well. So when these social-branded journalists consume media, they bestow an additional veneer of credibility or relevance on those stories.

How Journalists Are Using Timeline Apps to Share With Subscribers.

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