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Google Play: Android rebranding or something more?

March 6, 2012

Checking out the new Google Play announcement and it looks interesting. At first blush, it looks like just a rebranding of the Android Market, which isn’t surprising since it had few fans. The Android Market was chaotic, full of junky apps, and was difficult to navigate. So the decision to retire it and launch a new (if only cosmetically) marketplace makes sense.

But it looks like Google is really harnessing the power of the web to unify disparate experiences on disparate devices. Sure it feels like iTunes meets iCloud meets an e-reader, but this is a more integrated approach. That you just need to go to one Google Play location, buy, access and browse all your content, and not need to worry about synching or storage restrictions or compatibility is compelling. Especially since you can now do this across a wider array of devices than just the i-devices.

It is all web.. available anywhere, any time and no worries.

Maybe some of this is a re-packaging of existing Google products services, but the integration of it all makes Google Play appear at the outset to be pretty cool.

First, here’s what Google Play is: It’s a web-based system for buying and consuming content, from e-books to music to movies to apps to games — basically anything you’d want to run on a mobile device or in a browser. It replaces the Android Market for purchasing apps, books, and music. It also supplants the storage and playback features of Google Music and other Google content products, and extends them with new features and an enhanced, unified user interface.

Play lets you sync files from device to device; you can buy content once and use it anywhere your Google account lets you sign in. It’s an online store, but it’s also a cloud-based storage system. And it looks like it’s going to be very easy and very fun to use.

Google unveils Play, one big umbrella for all movies, games, music, apps, & more | VentureBeat.

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