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Top five ways media/entertainment companies can use #HTML5

March 7, 2012

Working on thoughts on how media and entertainment companies can use HTML5 in unique and innovative ways.

Here’s my top five so far:

  1. Target at Scale: M&E companies can take their current content and continually repackage and present it to different audience segments. For example, a newspaper could repackage their election coverage and issue an Election 2012 app to political junkies.
  2. Open the Archive: Archival content can be curated and presented chronologically, thematically, or centered around a key individuals (like an actor, for example.) This gives the audience many new ways to explore an M&E company’s archival content
  3. Enhanced advertising: Related to points (1) and (2): Highly targeted apps with innovative current or archival content, which are easy to create and distribute, are great ways to continually offer something new to advertisers
  4. Experiment: Got an idea for a new media product? Not sure what the audience reaction will be? Roll out a few trail-balloon HTML5 apps. Test the idea across a wide swath of consumers without a lot of development and distribution overhead
  5. Grant greater audience control: May websites and even native apps present a single, static view of an M&E’s content. HTML5 allows the end user to better customize their experience. And since over the web the M&E company always has a direct line to the customer, they can easily see how their audience is customizing their view, and then optimize content/advertising around that data

Still a work in progress… what do you think?

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