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Mobile development: Two spheres of influence, IOS and #HTML5

March 21, 2012

Talking to developers, I’ve heard on several occasions not only how difficult it is to keep up with Android’s fragmentation, but also frustration over what to do with tier 2 platforms like Blackberry and Windows that have mass, but not the volume of IOS or Android.

IOS is, and probably always will be, in a class of its own. Tightly controlled by Apple and you need a special invitation to get into the walled garden.

Not so with the other platforms. They neither have the clout, nor (I’m guessing) really the inclination to go walled.

The fantasy world some developers dream of now are two platforms that they need to create for, IOS for Apple and HTLM5 for everyone else.

Fantasy… maybe. But it is nice to dream of a simpler, more sane world.

The fragmented Android universe may be causing app developers to think twice about bothering with the increasingly popular mobile platform, according to a new report.

Though Android smartphones and tablets are outselling Apple’s iOS devices, a new survey conducted by mobile platform company Appcelerator and research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) suggests that developers are gradually losing interest in the Android platform because the landscape is just too complicated.

Appcelerator, IDC Survey Reveals Developers’ Attitudes to Mobile Platforms | Adweek.

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