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Web apps and web phones in Brazil

May 17, 2012

A couple of years ago I was with Cisco looking at various investment opportunities in Brazil. It was clear just before the big bust that things were happening there.

When the 2009 bust happened things seems to have slowed down slightly as foreign companies and investors hunkered down and got out of any initiative deemed too risky (which was pretty much every initiative).

But Brazil is coming back with a vengeance and on my side, it is great to be again looking at opportunities down there with Mozilla. The one trend we’re really interested in is this one:

9). Basic phones to smart phones: Mobile-focused entrepreneurs say that the growing power of the smart phone in Brazil is an important trend. While only 14 percent of cell phones in Brazil are currently smart, smart phone penetration is growing rapidly and smart phone owners are actually buying a lot of things on their phones.

So as people migrate from feature phone to smart phones, what will they be looking at?

IOS? Maybe.

Android… possibly

Or maybe something else entirely.


10 things to know about tech startups in Brazil — Tech News and Analysis.

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