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#HTML5 is the path to tablet happiness

June 22, 2012

“But the real problem with apps was more profound,” Pontin wrote. “When people read news and features on electronic media, they expect stories to possess the linky-ness of the Web, but stories in apps didn’t really link.”

Web+app would solve this problem! Imagine if you had an app, but it had all the linky-ness and ubiquity of the web! Wouldn’t that address your issues?

Apple’s infamous 30% subscription revenue cut prompted the Financial Times to abandon its iOS apps and instead focus on developing a cross-platform Web app written in HTML5.

Actually, it was more the lack of connection to their own users that prompted the FT to jump the iOS ship. Again, the web solves for this.

What made the web great was the connection it forged between content owner and audience. Again, the web app provides the benefits of the direct connection with the audience, with the usability of an app.

Here endith the lesson

Survey: Tablet Owners Prefer Browsers to Native Apps.

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