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New era of the mobile web emerges

June 28, 2012

The mobile web isn’t dead…nope, not by a long shot. Not even close. It’s alive and it is about to get crazy.

I know the stories… the web in general and the mobile web in particular are the dinosaurs succumbing to the new mammalian era of the native app.

Its a lovely thought, but nowhere close to the truth. Sure, native apps are here to stay and they’re great… I love them.

But just because there are a kazillion of native apps out there (although, let’s be honest, you only use about five of them regularly), that doesn’t mean the web is dead.

In fact, we’re right on the cusp of a new era of the mobile web, just witness the two awesome browser announcements by Mozilla and Google Chrome. New browsers, new capabilities, new mobile web!

(As an aside, with all this great web innovation happening on Android, the platform is getting another leg up on iOS, which isn’t a great web platform at all. Android has more marketshare and a better web ecosystem, which means more people will be getting access to a more dynamic mobile web experience.)

What is dead, happily, is the desktop web on mobile devices. May that concept go the way of the dodo (which came after the dinosaur, but is equally as extinct). People are actively accessing the web on their mobile devices, and finally developers are realizing that for a truly compelling experience, you can’t just squeeze a desktop site into a mobile browser. You need to develop a mobile site with the mobile experience in mind.

This means a simpler site, with an easier log-in and far fewer (if any) fields to fill out.

If developers figure that out, then long live the new era of the mobile web.

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