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Meet the new advertiser…. App developers!

July 7, 2012

Facebook will be running ads based on people’s app usage:

In what would be a typical scenario with the new ads, if someone is a frequent player of social game maker Zynga Inc.’s “Words with Friends” game, ads for other Zynga games will then show up in that user’s News Feed on their mobile device, said these people.

What is interesting isn’t the way Facebook is incorporating ads into people’s News Feed, or even what the privacy implications are.

Rather, the fascinating part is who the new advertiser is, app developers! It used to be the prized advertiser was a major consumer brand like Coke or McDonald’s.

But now Facebook is chasing app developers like Zynga and giving them a new and valuable way to attract new users.

But with apps rapidly becoming the major way people spend their time and interact with content, app developers are turning into the major advertiser as they hunt for larger audiences.

Facebook to Target Ads Based on Mobile App Usage –

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