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Tablet market is about to burst wide open….

August 15, 2012

OK, I admit it, my title is a bit misleading. There is no tablet market. As we’ve heard time and time again, there is only an iPad market.

Yes, although the Nexus 7 has its fans and the Amazon Kindle was popular for about five minutes (but those were really great five minutes) the iPad has marketshare numbers that would make even the most hardened monopolist weep.

So while Android tablets have been a bit of a bust, they seem to be picking up some share. And I’ve said it before on this blog, I’m pretty bullish on the Surface. (OK to clarify, I’m bullish on the potential of the Surface… it seems to be pretty cool but I’ve never seen one)

So Android may pick up some points, Surface may do pretty well also, and I think there is also room for more open tablet platforms to come to the market (Linux? maybe. One based on an open sourced browser? Possibly!)

Stay tuned… the iPad’s market number may move from a dominant share to merely a commanding one.


Does the Surface spat open the door for Linux? | ZDNet.

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