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The web is dead…. umm… not really!

November 6, 2012

Great, but slightly long, presentation on the history of the web and why, contrary to the pronouncements of some, it is very, very far from dead. In fact, the web is going through a renaissance and how we approach web and web technologies will evolve significantly over the next few years.

The simple fact is that the web will be more integral to our daily existence, not less. Sure, other technologies have the advantage at the moment, but that advantage is fleeting.

The openness of the web, its inherent democracy, the ability for all to participate and contribute will keep it as one of the most dynamic and revolutionary platforms the world has ever created.

How we access the web may change. How we interact with it may evolve. And that is a good thing! Who says we always have to use a browser to access content on the web?

In fact, Mozilla is drawing on its web expertise to use the web as the basis for a mobile operating system. So when you turn on your phone, it is all web, all the time… and outside of the browser (although everyone’s favorite browser will also be bundled on the phone)

The initiative is called FirefoxOS and we’re rolling it out first with Telefonica.

Read the whole presentation, or skip to slide 63 where things really get good

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