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Why Firefox Marketplace on Android?

November 22, 2012

It is pretty exciting around the office as we busily  attract leading content and app partners to Firefox Marketplace, which will be the default marketplace on FirefoxOS. We’ll first be launching FirefoxOS with Telefonica in Latin America but stay tuned for announcements coming soon about new carrier partnerships in other parts of the world.

For our app partners, distribution via FirefoxOS/Firefox Marketplace means

  1. Massive distribution in fast growing parts of the world
  2. Frictionless payments via carrier billing integrations
  3. Marketing support via the combined efforts of Mozilla and its carrier partners

But in addition to FirefoxOS, we’ll be distributing Firefox Marketplace on Android, which you can access from the Firefox mobile browser.

While many find this interesting, a common question is, why bother distributing apps on Android, especially when there is GooglePlay?

There are a lot of reasons why developers benefit from having Firefox Marketplace on Android and they include:

  1. Distribution: Millions of people use the Firefox mobile browser. So it makes sense to keep them in the Firefox environment by offering those users both a web browsing and an app browsing experience.
  2. Engagement: When they’re on the browser, users are engaged and are looking for something. By combining the browser with the Marketplace, we can serve up content in either a mobile web or mobile app form when the user most needs it
  3. Global coverage: If a developer submits an app to Marketplace for FirefoxOS, that app is also available on Marketplace for Android. So the developer gets complete global coverage: key emerging markets via FirefoxOS, and the US and other developed markets via Android.

These are just a few reasons why Marketplace for Android is such a key part of our overall app strategy. Some of the other things we’re thinking of to make the Marketplace even better:

  1. Discoverability: We’ve heard loud and clear this is a huge problem for developers, so we’re working on some great new ideas
  2. Payments: We have it on FirefoxOS, we’ll have it soon on Marketplace for Android
  3. Cross-platform: As we build out Marketplace for mobile and desktop, users will be able to access their content, regardless of the device or platform they’re using.

So as you can see, exciting times for us here at Mozilla. What do you think? We’re always looks for feedback and good ideas!

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