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Canada fails to invest in innovation, fails to lead at its core competency

November 26, 2012


Canada fails on two fronts. First, it is the only nation to sign up to, and then repudiate Kyoto. That alone is pretty disgraceful.

But then it also fails to invest properly in clean-energy and innovation, which then puts Canada’s future as a leading energy producing country (read: not necessarily an oil producing country) at risk.

If Canada want to be a 21st century innovator, it needs to invest in 21st century technology. It clearly isn’t doing this:

But Canada-US harmonisation stops when it comes to investing in clean-energy jobs: were Canada to match the US on a per person basis, it would invest an additional $11bn. Canada provides less clean-energy stimulus than Saudi Arabia, China, Australia, France or the US.

Fossil fuel may seem like good business now, but others are seeking to disrupt it. If Canada doesn’t participate in this disruption, it will count itself as among the disrupted.

Canada, the surprise ‘pariah’ of the Kyoto protocol | World news |

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