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Disney, EA, Facebook, MTV and others support FirefoxOS

February 25, 2013

Big day today for the content BD team in Barcelona. We showed off the new FirefoxOS phones and highlighted some of the great HTML5 apps that it will come with.

The audience of 500 or so journalists actually clapped when they saw Cut The Rope running in full fluid motion in mobile HTML5.

And are you new to Barcelona? Don’t know how to get around? Lost a signal? Don’t worry, Time Out Barcelona runs fully offline.

Facebook integration was highlighted and there’s the great new Twitter app.We love social!

Lost? Check out Nokia’s Here app.

The list of developers providing content goes on and on.

If you’ll permit me a humblebrag, this is all the work of the content BD team, one of the best BD teams around and which I’m honored to say I lead (or I’m the overhead, depends on who you ask.)

Here’s what some of the biggest developers in the industry are saying about FirefoxOS:

“Every device is better if it’s social and we’re excited that Firefox OS users will have easy access to the mobile Web-based version of Facebook that will take advantage of our current and future features,” said Vaughan Smith, VP of Mobile Partnerships at Facebook.

“Firefox OS provides us with a great opportunity to reach new consumers in emerging markets,” said Glenn Roland, VP of New Platforms and OEM at EA. “We’re pleased to bring HTML5 versions of top games including Poppit! from Pogo, as well as several popular mobile titles to the cross-platform Firefox Marketplace this year.”

“Bringing such popular titles as Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry? to the Firefox Marketplace is a great opportunity to increase our network of players in developing markets,” said Bart Decrem, SVP of Disney Mobile Games. “Having worked with Mozilla in the past, I’m especially enthusiastic about the potential of Firefox OS.”

“Firefox OS enables the new MTV Brasil app to give people access to all of the news, video and multimedia content developed for mobile devices, including shows that are currently on air,” said Robson Gomes, MTV Brasil Technology Manager. “Firefox OS makes it easier to give people the content they want and this is another important tool to access MTV Brasil’s universe of humor, music and lifestyle.”


Firefox OS Enables App Discovery without Download and Firefox Marketplace Unlocks the Power of Web Apps on Mobile Phones | Mozilla Press Center.

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